Ultra Efficient Thermal Power Station

Our product CTUe® (Centrales Térmicas Ultra Eficientes) has the latest technology developed by Energy Tracking, it provides Hot Sanitary Water and Heating services at maximum comfort. This technology allows:

  • Reduce energy consumption from 30% to 60%
  • Reduce the carbon footprint from 30% to 85%
  • Contribution to the circular economy
  • Does not need Hot Water Storage Tanks (in gas solutions).
  • It requires less physical space and time to be installed on site compared to conventional solutions
  • Competitive pricing, operations saving warranties and cost-efficient solutions
  • Modular alternatives, requires 1 day of installation in site
  • Our services include engineering, installation and after-sale service
  • Less failure percentage and minimum after-sales service is required
  • Systemic Control System allowing multiple technologies integration
  • Remote monitoring of system’s performance indicators
  • Obtaining points for LEED certification

Products and Services

We provide unique technology in the world, technical advice, design and implementation of projects and ESCO contracts, among various services.


Learn about our projects throughout Chile. We develop from the engineering, implementation, start-up of the project, post-sale and maintenance, as well as the measurement and verification of energy savings obtained. We are experts in energy efficiency.

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